How to help Texas shooting victims: 7 things you can do after Sunday’s church massacre

How to help Texas shooting victims: 7 things you can do after Sunday’s church massacre
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Over the weekend, the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs became the site of the worst mass shooting in Texas history when a rifle-wielding shooter burst into the sanctuary and killed 26 people, including many children, and injured another 20.

As victims, their families, and the community mourn, so does the country, with people struggling to make sense of yet another mass shooting and a government incapable of acting to stop the insanity.

Here are some things you can do to help victims right now:

  • As is the norm with these far-too-common tragedies, GoFundMe has become the place for those who want to help the victims. So far, two funds have been set up by charities “certified” by GoFundMe as legitimate places to help the shooting victims. The first is raising money for the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, where the shooting took place. Its organizer, Kori Freeman Crow, says that all of the money that the fund raises “will be sent directly to the local church where they can use it for their parishioners’ costs as they see fit.”
  • The other is being run by the Guidestar-certified Hardest Hit Family Relief Fund. It’s collecting money to be given directly to the victims via the Sutherland Springs Shooting Fund on GoFundMe and directly through its website.
  • Additionally, a spokesman for GoFundMe suggested making donations to the Holcombe Family’s fund, to help the Holcombes through the unimaginable trauma of losing eight family members in one senseless act.
  • Individuals wounded in the attack were transported to both the San Antonio Medical Center and, as reported by Fox’s San Antonio affiliate, at least five adults and four children are being treated at the University Hospital in San Antonio. You can donate to the hospital’s work here.
  • According to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, the Red Cross is on hand in Sutherland Springs to assist those in need. You can support the Red Cross here.
  • Pastor Paul Buford, of the nearby River Oaks Church, said that families of the victims would be gathering at his church’s community center, just two blocks up the street from the First Baptist Church. At the time of reporting, the church’s website had maxed out its bandwidth, but its Facebook page is up and running with lists of what they need (or don’t need) to help their community.

Thank you everyone for the outpouring of support for our community and church families. As you can well imagine we have…

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  • Finally, call your member of Congress to voice your opinion on gun control. Remember, while you may feel helpless,  you’re not. If enough of us call our representatives, change will happen. Here’s how to contact Congress about gun control.