4 Hidden Tech Tools To Make Your Life Easier

4 Hidden Tech Tools To Make Your Life Easier
[Photo: Tim Robberts/Getty Images]

When a program or device is updated, the new and sweeping changes are the most obvious. Yet often behind these large technical upgrades are hidden hacks that can save you time and energy. These small tweaks are often the best features; they make your everyday life just a little bit less of a headache.

Access Wi-Fi

A feature in Apple’s iOS 11 and Mac OS High Sierra makes logging on to Wi-Fi easy, assuming you have someone nearby already on that network. Once invited to enter the network’s password, hold your device next to your colleague’s, and the online device offers a prompt to share the password.

Meet Up With Friends

There’s something unique­­ly annoying about trying to reach consensus with a group. Facebook Messenger has a solution. Via the “+” section on mobile or the “graph” button on a desktop, you can set up a digital questionnaire. Then, using an animated survey icon, others can click to vote, and the results show up in graph form in a message. Looks like tacos (again) tonight.

Insert An Image Easily

To include a picture from the web in your Google Doc without downloading and re-uploading, just copy the URL for the image. Then go to the “Insert” tab in Google Docs, click “Image,” choose “By URL,” and paste. Voilà.

Get Editorial Support

With Microsoft Office 365 Smart Lookup, you can highlight a word, right-click on it, and discover definitions, synonyms, and other citations, all tailored to the context of the particular sentence.CGW