Whoa, yet another Amazon gadget: the Cloud Cam

If it feels like it was only weeks ago that Amazon held a big media event to unveil a bunch of new devices centered around its Alexa service–including an all-new Echo as well as the Echo Plus, Echo Spot, and Echo Button–well, that’s because it was. But the company is already back the Cloud Cam, an internet-connected 1080p security camera that hooks into Alexa through other Amazon devices.

This is Amazon, so an aggressive price is part of the proposition: The Cloud Cam is just $120. At $200, even a two-pack is cheaper than one Nest Cam Indoor. Three Cloud Cams are $290, which is less than a single Nest Cam IQ, which the Cloud Cam closely resembles from an industrial-design standpoint. As with Nest’s cameras and other competitors, basic service is free with the option of paying a monthly fee for more features.

Amazon Cloud Cam

Along with the Cloud Cam, Amazon is announcing a new in-home delivery service for Prime members, Amazon Key. Here are more details.

Cloud Cam and Amazon Key will be available on November 8.HM