Just Keep It Simple, Please

One of the big promises of the Internet is convenience. But actually using the Net still feels awfully inconvenient. How many times do you want to go back to a travel site to see if a fare has changed? How many times do you want to enter your password to check on an account balance?

The promise behind ( is to help you “take control of your life online.” The free service monitors account data at more than 1,200 Web sites — travel reservations, bank balances, unread email messages, and so on. Just tell Yodlee which sites you want it to monitor on your behalf, and then, every time you sign on, it collects the most recent data from all of the sites that you’d normally visit one at a time. When you add a site to your “My Yodlee” page, you also enter your user name and password. That allows the service to log you on automatically if you must access a secure site — eliminating the need to remember user names and passwords.

What’s more,’s Yodlee2Go service lets you access data from any Web-enabled mobile phone or handheld device. And it puts that data in a context where it’s the most useful. If you’re using a PalmPilot, Yodlee2Go not only will retrieve an itinerary for your next business trip, it also will insert flight information into your datebook.

How’s that for convenient?FCS