Airbnb just lost its China head

For American tech companies, breaking into China’s marketplace is a hard thing to do. Airbnb just found that out as its newly appointed head of China, Hong Ge, has quit the role after only four months on the job, reports Bloomberg. The resignation is a blow not only to the company’s business but its rep, too. Earlier this year, Airbnb went through a major rebranding effort in China, naming itself “Aibiying” there, and promising to double its investment in the country. The company is even now complying with controversial laws that require it to turn over user information to local authorities.

In an email, Ge told colleagues he was leaving Airbnb to pursue another opportunity, without elaborating further. He wrote:

“It’s a very tough decision for me to leave behind all of what we have built together. But hey, it’s a small world. I will still be in the Internet industry. I’m sure our paths will cross again in the future.”

The company has yet to publicly comment on his departure. Airbnb did, however, announce plans to build a 324-unit apartment building in Kissimmee, Florida.