Messenger honcho David Marcus says Facebook will learn from Russia mess

David Marcus, who runs Facebook’s Messenger platform, would like to remind us all that Facebook helps people who suffer from a particular disease connect with others who share their challenges around the world. Facebook members have given $17 million toward hurricane Harvey relief. And “the number of small businesses around the world who have been able to thrive by using the Facebook platform to reach their customer base is mind-boggling.”

Marcus brought up all these good vibes by way of prefacing his answer to a question from the Wall Street Journal’s Christina Passariello at the paper’s D.Live conference. Passariello asked how Facebook is dealing with Russian infiltration of its platform during the 2016 presidential campaign. “The narrative on Facebook as of late has not been super-positive,” Marcus conceded.

But then he said that Facebook is hard at work determining what transpired, and pointed to the company’s plan to hire a thousand people to review ads as evidence of its seriousness: “We’ll get to the bottom of it, we’ll learn from it, and then we’ll build systems to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”