Nuzzel, a news app beloved by influential types, adds LinkedIn stories

Since 2014, smartphone app Nuzzel has made finding the news your friends share on Twitter and Facebook easier by stripping out everything—from cat videos to selfies—that isn’t news. Now it’s doing the same for LinkedIn, which has increasingly emphasized news as a primary feature.

The Nuzzel experience hasn’t changed much, except for a new button that lets you connect your LinkedIn account. But Nuzzel CEO Jonathan Abrams says that the addition makes Nuzzel more valuable: “There’s not as much quantity as Facebook or Twitter, but the quality is high. People are much less likely to post politics or silly stuff.” Along with LinkedIn, the app is also adding a stream of videos—again, focusing on useful items rather than entertainment.

Since Nuzzel’s debut, some news-app startups have faded away (such as the original incarnation of Circa) and big companies have muscled into its territory (hello, Apple News). Abrams told me that his company has found its niche by staying small and focusing on the needs of busy, influential people looking for news they can use. “The kind of people who love Nuzzel and are always raving about it tend to be professionals: journalists, CEOS, investors,” he says. A Nuzzel with LinkedIn as an added element will be only more professional.