Women in leadership roles see jump in PayPal’s latest diversity numbers

PayPal’s CEO, Dan Schulman, took to Facebook Live today to announce the company’s latest diversity numbers.

Among the more notable stats for its 18,000 employees around the world is that the number of women stands at 43%, a 1% drop from last year. That wasn’t reflected in leadership, he said. PayPal had a 20% increase in women at the vice president and above level. Thirteen percent more women at this level were promoted since last year and he said there’s been “a significant drop in voluntary attrition” among those leaders.

Men still make up 75% of the technical workforce globally.

PayPal has achieved pay equity in salaries globally for women and men and maintained ethnic pay equity in salaries in the U.S.

By race–which is only counted for U.S. staff–the number of black employees overall and in leadership stayed the same (8% and 2%, respectively) and rose slightly from 2% to 3% in technical roles.

The number of Hispanic workers rose to 7%, a 1% increase over 2016 across all staff. Leadership and technical role representation were both at 4%, also representing a nudge up 1%.

“We want to help people manage and move their money so it’s a right for all citizens to do that, and not just a privilege for the affluent,” Schulman said. “That’s obviously a very expansive and inclusive mission.” As such, he said, diversity and inclusion are core values they take seriously.

“We have a lot of work to do,” he added.LD