Voting machine security test results are “sobering,” warns panel

Voting machines can be easily hacked, confirmed hackers who tested the security of many of the devices at this summer’s Defcon security conference, a panel of experts said in a Tuesday report.

“The results were sobering,” they wrote, in a report presented to the Atlantic Council, an international affairs think tank. “By the end of the conference, every piece of equipment in the Voting Village was effectively breached in some manner.”

A great deal of the computer equipment inside the machines was manufactured overseas, they also found, potentially making it vulnerable to foreign tampering.

Even with limited prior knowledge, hackers found ways to sabotage and extract data from six different pieces of voting equipment.

“The DEFCON Voting Village showed that technical minds with little or no previous knowledge about voting machines, without even being provided proper documentation or tools, can still learn how to hack the machines within tens of minutes or a few hours,” according to the report.

I wrote more about the Defcon Voting Village and implications for voting security here.SM