Rimowa Is Celebrating 80 Years Of Its Aluminium Suitcase With David Fincher, Karl Lagerfeld And More

What does a piece of luggage say about a person? Where they’ve been, how they travel? To mark the 80th anniversary of its aluminum case, luggage brand Rimowa asked famous customers like fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, director David Fincher, artist Anne Imhof, designer Virgil Abloh, Martha Stewart, chef Massimo Bottura, art curator Neville Wakefield, architect Annabelle Selldorf, and DJ and designer Nigo, to share photos of their own personal Rimowa case, taken by German photographer Frank Hülsbömer, and how travel has helped shape their identity.

Chief brand officer Hector Muelas, who joined the company in June after stints at Apple and DKNY, says that while the suitcase is more than a well-crafted functional object and become a cultural symbol, storytelling hasn’t necessarily been part of the brand’s vocabulary until now.  “We knew the campaign had to focus on what believe is one of our biggest equities,” says Muelas. “The idea was to focus on what people do with Rimowa suitcases rather than what the suitcases do. We wanted to let their suitcases become their portraits, to tell us a story through each dent, scratch and sticker. That’s why we focused on authentic Rimowa owners rather than commercial endorsements.”

In addition to sharing their famous customers’ photos and stories across social and online, the brand also created a short film showing some of the manufacturing process at its German headquarters.