VW’s Family Heirloom, Intel’s Chasing Polar Bears: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Stranger Things: The Game goes retro on mobile, a telepathic bulldog with skincare advice, and Jackson Hole uses Charlie Chaplin to stay wild.

VW’s Family Heirloom, Intel’s Chasing Polar Bears: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Over the last few years we’ve witnessed the rise of drones–from beautiful photography and video, to the promise of personalized same-day delivery. Now Intel is showing how its technology is equipping drones to provide better wildlife research, to help scientists get a more detailed understanding of the animals’ patterns–particularly how they’re affected by climate change. In “Above the Arctic,” the brand uses important scientific research on polar bears as branded content. It’s like those old Coke ads, except, y’know, actually useful. Onward!


Intel “Above the Arctic”

What: A look at the company’s partnership with wildlife photographer Ole Jørgen Liodden and his organization Polar Bears & Humans Project, using drones to hover over glaciers in the Arctic Ocean, locating polar bears and monitoring their movements.

Who: Intel

Why we care: When we talk about brand purpose, it doesn’t always mean something that revolves around what kind of social issue a brand supports. This is a prime example of quality content created by finding a story behind a product’s purpose to some of its most interesting and compelling users. Also, polar bears.

Volkswagen “Generationer”

What: A charming, emotional father-son story that also happens to be a brand heritage promo.

Who: Volkswagen, Very Agency


Why we care: Here’s a spot that, at least on paper, may not sound as great as it actually is. An old man and his middle-aged son don’t understand each other, but a car acts as an emotional bridge between them. It’s six minutes long. And it’s in Danish. But thanks to its directing and casting, the film packs an unexpected emotional punch. Makes you wonder if anyone will ever feel that way about a Kia Soul.

Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board “Stay Wild”

What: A Jackson Hole, Wyoming, tourism ad that makes Chaplin’s famous speech from the end of The Great Dictator impressively relevant today.

Who: Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board, Colle McVoy

Why we care: Even if you’re not a fan of Charlie Chaplin’s legendary 1940 film The Great Dictator, there’s something about pairing his speech from that film’s end with people have a blast in the outdoors. It almost–almost–makes you forget that he’s talking primarily about fascism.

Netflix “Stranger Things: The Game”

What: A new mobile game for iOS and Android that brings the events of Hawkins, Indiana, into classic Nintendo territory.


Who: Netflix, BonusXP

Why we care: Netflix and the Duffer Brothers’ thriller series are no strangers (heyooh!) to the Top 5, and here they deservedly nab another spot with a perfect idea to promote the show’s upcoming second season. Part of the show’s original charm was how it tapped into our nostalgia for the 1980s, and here it does it in a way that gets us hyped for the new season annnd plays on our disappointment we were one of the unlucky souls who still hasn’t been able to get an NES Classic console.

Bulldog Skincare “Bank Robbery”

What: Man’s best friend talks him out of a dumb decision, and into healthy skincare.

Who: Bulldog Skincare, adam&eveDDB

Why we care: Okay, bear with me here. Is this a pretty standard, traditional TV ad? Yep. But it’s light, it’s fun, it’s perfect in the old-school ad tradition of “make me chuckle in 30 seconds and I won’t hate you” way, and it’s got a telepathic bulldog with expert voice casting.

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