YouTube has reportedly changed its search algorithm to stop promoting fake news

Earlier this week I wrote about how, hours after the Las Vegas shooting, YouTube’s top search results were already filled with conspiracy theories and fake news. When I reached out to the company, a spokesperson gave me a statement pointing to its curated news section, which only runs vetted news sources. YouTube at the time, however, refused to bring up the issue of regular videos on the platform peddling false information, which were amassing millions of views.

Now the company seems to have changed its tune. YouTube is reportedly going to tweak its algorithm to not highlight fringe sources, reports the Wall Street Journal. Instead, says the Journal, the top results will promote more “authoritative sources.” In essence, this means YouTube is going to try to stop promoting conspiracy theory videos.

The changes seem to already be in place; I just performed a search for “Las Vegas shooting” and the top results were all from news organizations.

If you know anything more about these changes, please reach out to me.CGW