Google is using donuts to lure people to its pop-up Home Mini showroom tour

Google is using donuts to lure people to its pop-up Home Mini showroom tour

It’s the size and shape of a donut, so why not riff on that?

That’s apparently the theory behind a pop-up Home Mini showroom tour that Google is launching today in San Francisco in order to promote the brand new, smaller sibling of its year-old Home assistant.

Over the next few weeks, the charming little stores will also visit Los Angeles, Madison, Oklahoma City, Austin, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago, Toronto, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

“The new Google Home Mini is the size of a donut,” Google writes on the tour website, “with the powers of a superhero. Come get a taste at one of our pop-up donut shops – now on tour!”

City + Donut Shop Dates
San Francisco + Johnny’s Doughnuts Oct 4th, Oct 14th-15th
Manhattan + Doughnut Plant Oct 4th – 8th
Brooklyn + Doughnut Plant Oct 20th – 22nd
Los Angeles + Randy’s Donuts Oct 7th – 8th
Austin + Voodoo Doughnuts Oct 21st – 22nd
Toronto, Canada + Jelly Modern Doughnuts Oct 26th – 27th
Oklahoma City, OK + Brown’s Bakery Oct 28th – 29th
Madison, WI Nov 2nd
Chicago, IL + Stan’s Donuts Nov 4th-5th
Indianapolis, IN + Taylor’s Bakery Nov 4th
St. Louis, MO + Strange Donuts Nov 9th

The first stop, in San Francisco, is located just a few blocks away from where Google hosted its big Pixel phone event earlier today. At that event, it unveiled the new Home Mini, along with a slew of other products, including the new Pixel phones, as well as the Home Max smart speaker and a new Daydream View VR headset.