People think Spotify’s new music-you-loved-in-high-school feature is pretty fly for a playlist

Whatever you may think of Spotify, you’ve got to admit: The Swedish music streamer really knows how to get people talking. Over two years after the launch of the much-beloved Discover Weekly, the company’s personalized playlist gurus are at it again with Your Time Capsule, an automated nostalgic adventure through your musical past. For the most part, people are loving it.

Much like Spotify’s Release Radar playlist uses your listening habits to predict which newly released music you’ll like, Your Time Capsule makes an even bolder bet: That it can predict which songs you loved in high school. Based on your age and location, Spotify’s algorithms analyze your current listening trends and dial its analysis back to when you were a teenager. The algorithm likely also relies on data from similar listeners, as Spotify’s personalized playlists tend to do.

For those of us who are already prone to turn back time by indulging in throwback jams on Spotify (sure, algorithms, I listened to Notorious BIG and early Smashing Pumpkins in the ’90s, but who says I ever really stopped? Siamese Dream really holds up!), the new playlist will offer up some predictable songs, but throw in a few long-forgotten gems as well. During my test, it also had a few misses (While “Summer Girls” by LFO has hilariously awful lyrics that can be fun to marvel at, it was not in fact my preferred beach jam in the late ’90s. Perhaps I would have found it fly if girls had stopped by the summer, but alas, I was a bit of a late bloomer.)

However it works, Your Time Capsule has lots of people on Twitter (and plenty of my Facebook friends who aren’t typically early adopters) freaking out—sometimes with embarrassment, but mostly with a joyous, end-of-week nostalgia.

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If you haven’t already, you can put the time-traveling algorithms to the test here.