A well-designed disaster kit that has everything you need

If you live in an area prone to natural disasters, you probably have a go-bag packed and ready during hurricane season (or you have really been meaning to make one). Frankly, even if your community weren’t prone to natural disasters in the past, it might be now thanks to climate change.

We’ve written about well-designed disaster prep in the past. Nendo, for instance, has a stylish survival pack, and Ideo’s City72 is a chic disaster preparedness site.

And now there’s Okie Dokie, a kit that promises to hold “everything you need to stay fed, hydrated, and not-bleeding during an emergency.” The sleek kit, which is still in fundraising mode over at Indiegogo, has important items like snacks, a water filter, gloves, dust mask, and a place to hold your important documents all in a convenient, portable bag.

As the Okie Dokie site notes, you can make your own go-bag (FEMA has a list of what to include), but clicking “buy” is a little easier.ML