No Echo, no problem: Alexa arrives inside the Amazon Music app

Amazon has just added Alexa voice controls to the Amazon Music app for iOS and Android. By tapping the Alexa button, users can ask for songs, artists, albums, and genres. Alexa can even respond to advanced requests such as “Play the new Taylor Swift song” or “Play Pearl Jam from 1990 to 1994.”

iPhone users can already ask Siri to play Apple Music songs in a similar fashion, and Android users can launch several music services through Google Assistant. But Amazon Music is left out of those system-level hooks, since Alexa isn’t built into smartphones (with a couple of exceptions). For folks who listen to free music from Amazon Prime, or who pay $10 per month for Amazon Music Unlimited, an Alexa button within the Music app is the next best thing when an Amazon Echo is out of earshot.

[Image via Screenshot]