Study: Baby boomers and Gen Xers face “systemic ageism” in tech hiring

In today’s installment of not very shocking news, tech companies don’t hire older workers, according to a new study. And in tech, an “older worker” is anyone over 40.

That bit of news comes from a new report by Visier Insights, which looked at workforce data on 330,000 employees from 43 large U.S. enterprises. They came to the conclusion that there is “systemic ageism in tech hiring practices,” with tech firms bringing in a “higher proportion of younger workers and a smaller proportion of older workers.” The silver lining is that any older worker who did make it through the hiring committee was rewarded with equitable pay (isn’t that nice?) and were lauded for their “experience and maturity.”

Visier went on to offer some helpful tips for remedying the situation like “Develop hiring practices that reduce the potential for intentional or unintentional bias in the screening out of older applicants,” which sounds like a great idea. Read the full report here.