Report: Graham-Cassidy would cause 21 million people to lose health coverage every year

Senate Republicans are pushing hard for the Graham-Cassidy bill–the GOP’s latest attempt to repeal Obamacare. Those pushing it are gunning to get the 50 votes it needs to pass, although John McCain just announced he would not be supporting it, which will very likely hurt its chances of passing.

All the same, since they’re trying to pass the bill so quickly, its potential effects are generally unknown. The Congressional Budget Office–which offers scores of the bills–has said that it does not have the time to provide a full analysis of Graham-Cassidy before it will be voted on.

Brookings, however, has taken the reins and performed its own analysis of the bill, and it doesn’t look pretty. The research organization tried to deduce how states would respond to the individual mandate being repealed. “We estimate that the Graham-Cassidy legislation would reduce the number of people with insurance coverage by around 21 million each year during the 2020 through 2026 period,” the institution reported.

In short, tens of millions of Americans would lose their insurance coverage over the next few years if this bill passed.

You can read the full Brookings analysis here.CGW