Seinfeld’s House Of Cards, Another “Blade Runner” Prologue: Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Mini races in 1964, Harley-Davidson rides into Discovery, and Audi goes back to the future.

Seinfeld’s House Of Cards, Another “Blade Runner” Prologue: Top 5 Ads Of The Week

If Marvel Entertainment has taught what a well-timed teaser and an expertly soundtracked trailer can do for movie marketing, then 3AM and Ridley Scott have done just as much with thoughtful, complementary creative content. Maybe it doesn’t get the adrenaline up quite like a Hulk x Led Zeppelin combo, but frankly it’s just as exciting.


Filmed on set during Blade Runner 2049′s principal photography, a new short film “2048: Nowhere to Run” introduces us to an outlaw Replicant in hiding, played by Dave Bautista, who has to risk everything to save an innocent life. It’s the second short film prologue, following “2036: Nexus Dawn,” also directed by Scott, that posted a couple of weeks ago and starred Jared Leto. It’s also cool enough, well written, and short enough to crank fanboy excitement up to 11. Onward!

Netflix “Seinfeld Meets Underwood”

What: Part of the funny, ongoing “Netflix Is a Joke” campaign that went into hyperdrive during the Emmys with spots that dropped comedy superstars like Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Ellen Degeneres, and Dave Chappelle in hit Netlfix dramas.

Who: Netflix, Battery Agency

Why we care: As I said earlier this week, it’s really tough to beat the ol’ comedic cameo in a drama bit, and here Seinfeld and Netflix editors nail it by pairing the yammering comedian next to the fictional president.

Warner Bros. “2048: Nowhere to Run”

What: The second short-film prologue to the upcoming Blade Runner 2049, directed by Luke Scott (Morgan) and starring Dave Bautista.


Who: Warner Bros., 3AM, Luke Scott

Why we care: I’ll keep saying it, as entertainment marketing goes, creating new pieces of complementary content that are good enough to stand alone is fanboy catnip at its finest.

Mini USA “The Faith of The Few”

What: A new Mini ad that painstakingly recreates the car brand’s 1964 Monte Carlo Rally (or Rallye Monte-Carlo) win.

Who: Mini USA, Jung von Matt, Daniel Wolfe

Why we care: At first glance, this appears to be a really cool ad, featuring a great story told through archival footage. That alone would be enough to impress. And yet here, director Daniel Wolfe actually recreated every scene based on photos from the time. Just a damn fun car ad, really.


Audi “Invisible Man”

What: A new Audi ad that sells the future with the glamor of old Hollywood in an unexpected way.

Who: Audi, DDB Spain

Why we care: Created for the San Sebastián International Film Festival, this is a hilariously clever way to sell a driverless car. Unfortunately, he left out what might be my favorite of his performances.

Harley-Davidson “Common Ground”

What: A three-part doc series created by Harley-Davidson Canada to celebrate 100 years in that country, that was picked up and aired on Discovery Channel Canada.


Who: Harley-Davidson, Zulu Alpha Kilo

Why we care: I talk a lot about creating content that people actually want to watch, and here Harley joins the likes of Netscout (Netflix), Dick’s Sporting Goods (Netflix), and Nike (National Geographic), in making something a network deems compelling enough for its own audience. You can watch the full doc here.

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