People are really freaked out by these Amazon baby registry emails

Did you happen to get an email from what appears to be Amazon claiming someone bought something on your baby registry? Are you not pregnant and without said registry? You’re not alone.

Many people–including some Fast Company employees–received a bizarre email today from an apparent Amazon domain that refers to their baby registries. It’s unclear if this is a widespread phishing attempt (like the Google Doc that emailed thousands earlier this year), or if it was just a flub on Amazon’s part. Either way, people on Twitter are currently having a field day.

We reached out to Amazon and will update if we hear back. Either way, if you received the email, congrats on the unexpected news! (But it’s probably best not to click on it.)

In other Amazon news, the company has just politely declined a large cactus from Tucson.

UPDATE: Amazon has now emailed customers saying the baby registry message was erroneously sent. So I guess it wasn’t a phishing attempt after all.CGW