Nikon couldn’t seem to find a woman photographer, so women photographers let them have it

Nikon has been in hot water after it posted a photo of the venerable photographers it asked to test its new D850 camera. Out of 32 photographers, not a single one was a woman. Not one. Perhaps women lack the correct appendage to operate the camera?

Female photographers—including a few who are Nikon ambassadors—have been clapping back at the camera maker over the campaign. Photographer Lynsey Addario took to Twitter to ask, “Is the Nikon D850 for men only?”

Photographer Laurie Bailey tweeted that the campaign was a “shame,” and accused the company of “awful sexism.” San Francisco Chronicle photojournalist Leah Millis tweeted that it was “sad to think of all the young women/girls who won’t see themselves” in Nikon’s team. Other female photographers realized that since “only men can operate this camera,” they would switch to Canon.

Photojournalist Kainaz Amaria described the whole thing as “embarrassing,” and asked the question that many of us were thinking: How is that “not one photographer in that group pic thought that something was really wrong”?

Nikon finally got around to responding to the critique, claiming that the female photographers they had invited were busy and simply couldn’t make it to the event (while all 32 of the men just happened to have their schedules free). Hopefully, that means the women were all out taking photographs while the men were getting their hair and makeup done for the photoshoot.

The response did not sit well with many in the photography community, with some suggesting a re-do with female photographers.