Cord-cutting is speeding up so fast that analysts have to keep revising their estimates

The folks at eMarketer have been busy with their pencils and erasers lately thanks to the increasing speed at which people are ditching cable television. The firm recently had to revise its estimates for how many cord-cutters there will be in the United States this year. In a new report, eMarketer puts the tally at 22.2 million cord-cutters ages 18 and older, an increase of 33.2% over 2016. “The overall tally is much higher than the 15.4 million eMarketer previously predicted,” the firm wrote in a release today.

The number is growing so fast that it’s expected to hit 40 million by 2021, making it roughly even with “cord-nevers,” or people who have never paid for cable. Of course, the cord-cutting phenomenon is not new or surprising, but it’s happening faster than even the most pessimistic prognosticators thought it would. You might recall that the cable TV industry had its worst quarter in history earlier this year. And then, three months later, it had an even worse one. Is worse than the worst even a thing?

Check out eMarketer’s full report here.

[Image: eMarketer]