Zayn, Tove Lo, And Introducing Heather Brave: This Week In Music

These are the songs we recommend for your Productivity Playlist, volume 12.

Zayn, Tove Lo, And Introducing Heather Brave: This Week In Music
Zayn Malik gets interrogated From “Dusk Till Dawn” [Director: Marc Webb]

Death From Above has dropped their third album, Outrage! is Now, and since they’re my favorite band–and out of respect for taking time to really sit with the record–I will not single out a track from that album until next week. So this week’s list is filled with a couple of really fun experimental tracks. Let’s get into it.


Track 1. ZAYN, and Sia – “Dusk Till Dawn”

You guys into movies? Well, this music video is a full-on film production crammed into just under six minutes. Let’s be honest here, we have no idea what Zayn and Sia are crowing about when the first chorus comes around, but it sure does sound pretty–and that’s all that matters, right? In some songs, it’s all about how you say something and not so much what you’re saying.

Track 2. ILoveMakonnen and Rae Sremmurd – “Love”

Interestingly enough, this track, with its R&B vocals on top of guitar riffs and pulsing drums from Travis Barker, is reminiscent of Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump’s 2011 album Soul Punk. Maybe it’s the theme of the music video along with the fact that it’s back-to-school season, but this song seems like an ideal theme for young heartbreak.

Track 3. Tove Lo – “Disco Tits”

Tove Lo’s aptly titled single “Disco Tits” has an expected, but still very fun, throwback feel that has traces of ’80s glam, vogue, and, yes, disco. Curious to see how this sound will evolve with the new music Tove Lo has coming out.

Track 4. Heather Brave – “Like a Wave”

Introducing Heather Brave, a 20-year-old singer from New York with a very similar, yet fresh, sound that can be compared to Christina Aguilera or P!nk. Listening to her debut track “Like a Wave,” I felt an automatic comfort in the sound and melody–hope to see her at the top of charts.

Track 5. Starrah and Diplo – “Swerve”

The official lyric video and the album art to this song has a Jimmy Neutron, Bitmoji-esque caricatures of both Starrah and Diplo. May this mellow track bring you some ease and relaxation.

Bonus Track. Mutemath – “Achilles Heel”

Mutemath’s new album Play Dead is out today. We debuted their single “Stroll On” earlier this summer, but the entire album is worth a listen, particularly my bonus track for this week’s playlist “Achilles Heel.” Dive in and enjoy the track/ride.


Go ahead and follow the playlist on Spotify so you can play these tunes whenever and wherever you need. Hey, who knows, I might even add the tracks I’m featuring next week before next Friday comes around! Enjoy the tunes.


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