Apple might use the iPhone’s backlight as a strobe to protect runners

The company has filed a patent that would turn an iPhone’s screen into a beacon light that could be intermittently illuminated, reports 9to5Mac. The feature would be activated when the user is jogging or cycling in low-light conditions. According to the patent:

The computing device has a light source configured to output a beacon light effect that alerts others to the presence of the user of the computing device when the user is in low light or no light conditions. The beacon light effect may include blinking, fading in and out, ebbing, pulsating or strobing.

As with most patents from Apple, it’s unknown if this one will ever see the light of day, but if so it would be appreciated by many runners, who often illuminate their screen manually when running at night to alert cars they are on the side of the road.

[Image: USPTO/Apple]