There’s going to be a Heaven’s Gate podcast and a whole bunch of football ones, too

This morning, a lot of podcast hosts and execs had to leave their Casper mattresses, schedule their MailChimp newsletters, unplug from their Audible books, and pack up their Kind Bars for their annual upfront where they try to sell advertisers on the joys of podcasting.

It’s also where they pitch their shiny new projects. For instance: Midroll Media, the people behind Katie Couric’s podcast, just announced new partnerships with the NFL to bring all their fantasy football and game-time shows to the network and develop some new football podcasts.

Other tidbits:

  • Vox Media will be launching a daily news podcast on Midroll to compete with the New York Times’s and NPR’s daily news podcasts. It will launch in early 2018.
  • True-crime podcast My Favorite Murder is coming to Midroll, so fans can continue to feel bad for laughing as hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark share their favorite grisly tales of murder.
  • Comedy Bang! Bang! regulars Lauren Lapkus and Jon Gabrus are launching a show called Raised by Television.
  • The Stuff Mom Never Told You crew are getting the girl gang back together for Unladylike to discuss women-centric topics.
  • The most exciting news, though is this: Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington—who was born and raised in a cult—is taking a look at the Heaven’s Gate cult and the biggest mass suicide in U.S. history. That will most likely be mandatory listening.

Washington is going to be busy, because Snap Judgment also got its own spin-off—WNYC announced Spooked, a new show featuring scary true stories of the supernatural. You can listen to the first two episodes now, but turn the lights way up and find a trusted adult to listen with you.