Hurricane Irma live tracker: How to find the latest prediction models and storm updates

Hurricane Irma live tracker: How to find the latest prediction models and storm updates
[Photo: NASA/NOAA/UWM-CIMSS, William Straka III]

The National Hurricane Center said earlier this week that Hurricane Irma intensified into “an extremely dangerous Category 5 hurricane.” The storm by that time already packed winds of up to 175-mph. It’s one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the Atlantic. We’ve been following the storm on our live blog.

If you want to track the storm’s path, here are a few options:

The Weather Channel’s Hurricane Irma Tracker

CNN’s Severe Weather Unit: Hurricane Irma Tracker 

The National Hurricane Center’s Dedicated Irma Page



Christopher Zara09.11.176:53 am

Irma weakened to a category 1 hurricane Sunday, with sustained winds of 75 mph as of 5 a.m., the Orlando Sentinel reports. The storm turned northward into Polk County. Some 6 million Florida customers are without power, which is about 60% of the state.

Melbourne’s National Weather Service released the following statement:

“As the day dawns across east central Florida, residents and visitors can expect to awaken to the sobering sight of widespread wind damage, which will be extensive in some areas. The sheer magnitude of power outages across Florida is likely to be historical.”

Christopher Zara09.10.176:17 pm

Hurricane Irma has been downgraded to a category 2 storm. Here’s the latest trajectory:

Christopher Zara09.10.175:04 pm

Irma has reached Marco Island, Florida, and is still packing 120-mph winds, the Miami Herald reports. The storm is expected to soon hit Naples–a popular golfing destination–about 20 miles northeast, before moving toward Tampa, the largest city on Florida’s west coast.

Christopher Zara09.10.1710:41 am

Irma made landfall in the Florida Keys this morning as a category 4 hurricane. According to ABC News, at least three deaths were reported in the state and about 1.1 million customers are without power.

Christopher Zara09.09.178:33 pm

Irma was about 110 miles southeast of Key West, Florida, as of 8 p.m. ET Saturday, ABC News reports. It is expected to make landfall Sunday and move up the state’s west coast. Below is a graphic from NOAA showing an approximation of coastal areas under a hurricane warning (red), hurricane watch (pink), tropical storm warning (blue) and tropical storm watch (yellow).

[Image: NOAA]
Christopher Zara09.09.173:46 pm

This is nuts.

Christopher Zara09.09.172:45 pm

As usual, online misinformation is spreading like wildfire in the face of a natural disaster, so FEMA has set up a web page, “Hurricane Irma Rumor Control,” to debunk Irma-related rumors and scams.

Check it out here. [h/t Gizmodo]

Christopher Zara09.09.1710:04 am

The National Weather Service Key West has been posting some alarming tweets for the people in that area.

Christopher Zara09.09.179:59 am

The National Weather Service said Saturday morning that Miami-Dade County should expect damaging winds and heavy rain as Irma’s outer bands move in. As of Friday night, at least 20 people were confirmed dead–the New York Times reports–after the storm made landfall in Cuba.

Christopher Zara09.08.179:17 pm

At least 5.6 million people in Florida have been asked to evacuate, the Weather Channel reports. That’s about one-quarter of the state’s entire population. It includes residents in the southern portion of the state along with some who live inland. This map shows the areas likely to be affected.

Christopher Zara09.08.179:01 pm

South Carolina is also bracing for a hit. As people flee the state, its Department of Transportation said Interstates 95 and 20 had more than 92,000 more vehicles than normal as of noon Friday, NBC’s News 2 reported.

Christopher Zara09.08.178:57 pm

Irma is now projected to hit the Florida Keys as a category 5 hurricane, ABC News reports. The storm is expected to make landfall on Sunday morning between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m.

Christopher Zara09.07.176:01 pm

The storm has weakened slightly but remains a category 5 with winds of 175 mph. It looks increasingly likely to hit a heavily populated area of South Florida, CBS reports.

FEMA has put out a list of items to pack for an emergency “go-bag” for people who are in areas that may get evacuated.

Christopher Zara09.07.172:19 pm

After being accused of price gouging, major airlines have begun offering fare caps on flights out of Florida. Check out our post on this here.

Tom Plunkett09.07.172:06 pm

Christopher Zara09.07.178:45 am

The storm has reportedly caused at least 10 deaths in the Caribbean. “The threat of direct hurricane impacts in Florida over the weekend and early next week continues to increase,” according to the National Hurricane Center.