“Bladerunner 2049” Prologue, Old Spice Goes Invisible: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Peter Dinklage makes networks sound compelling for Cisco, Ikea’s human catalogue, and VW gives one nervous public speaker a second chance.

“Bladerunner 2049” Prologue, Old Spice Goes Invisible: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Film marketing used to be confined to a trailer and a poster. Now, it’s a trailer, a poster, a teaser for the trailer, an Instagram post of the poster, five different versions of the trailer, maybe 27 different poster options, waves of Facebook posts, more teaser trailers, and some cheeky tweets. Some of this is good, some of it is . . . unnecessary, but here we are. Into this fray strolled Denis Villeneuve and a unique piece to promote the upcoming Bladerunner 2049.


Villeneuve teamed up with marketing agency 3AM (a partner company to Ridley Scott’s RSA Films) and director Luke Scott (son of Ridley) on “2036: Nexus Dawn,” a short prologue for the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster. Of course, it was initially unveiled in a Jared Leto tweet. This is 2017, after all. Onward!

Warner Bros. “2036: Nexus Dawn”

What: A short film prologue for the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster Bladerunner 2049.

Who: Warner Bros., 3AM, Luke Scott

Why we care: As the size, scope, and creative ambition in film marketing increasingly expand into new territory, efforts like this that actually create new pieces of complementary content to enjoy are pointing a way forward. Fanboy catnip at its finest.

Old Spice “Invisible World”

What: A two-hour deodorant ad. (Yes, really.)


Who: Old Spice, W+K Portland

Why we care: Consistent with this brand’s longstanding batsh*t insane approach to advertising, here we get a look at how Old Spice interprets the idea of a deodorant that goes on invisible. “No white streaks? Let’s make a two-hour ad with zero visuals.” Sounds about right.

Cisco “The Network. Intuitive. Explained.”

What: A three-minute ad from Cisco starring Peter Dinklage talking about the company’s new intuitive network.

Who: Cisco, Ogilvy & Mather

Why we care: First of all, TYRION LANNISTER. Secondly, Cisco CMO Karen Walker’s reasoning, written in a blog post, pretty much sums it up: “Peter Dinklage is the perfect messenger because of his global fame and ability to speak in a bold, intelligent, and captivating way. As he wanders through the streets of London, you hang on to each of his words as he describes just how simple–and monumental–the new network is.”


Ikea “Human Catalogue”

What: Ikea challenged a memory champion to memorize every single page of its new catalog.

Who: Ikea, BBH Singapore

Why we care: Strange, quirky, and right up the Swedish retailer’s alley.

VW “The Second Speech”

What: A U.K. Volkswagen ad that gives one best man another chance to deliver his wedding speech.

Who: VW, adam&eveDDB


Why we care: A fun story in what is probably the first time a car ad has used confidence as a selling feature.

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