Facebook’s video programming basically looks awful

Facebook has finally begun rolling out its “watch” option, which is its destination for all the company’s online videos. This is all part of the big new trend of technology companies trying to get people to watch more video online. Over the last few months, numerous companies–including Snap, Twitter, and YouTube–have announced plans to run original shows on their platform.

Facebook, reports Reuters, is trying to woo anyone and everyone to submit their videos to make the “watch” button into a digital destination à la YouTube. It’s also paying content creators to make content, too. “The company is paying $10,000-$35,000 for shorter-form shows and up to $250,000 for longer form scripted shows,” writes Reuters.

Here are some examples of the lineup: On the “spotlight” tab are fun show ideas like Funeral Prank and Isky The American Hero, which seem to be about a prank in a funeral (because who doesn’t love a good joke about dead people?) and a dog, respectively. Another show is simply titled Put an Egg on It, which is, I gather, an internet cooking show where eggs are put on things. More show titles include This Boy Is Worshipped and Paintball in Total Darkness, both of which seem questionable but for vastly different reasons.

With shows like these, I wonder how long the video ad craze will last. Perhaps putting an egg on it just isn’t enough.CGW