Levi’s created a bot to help you find the perfect pair of jeans

Buying jeans can be tricky and Levi’s knows it.

When you’re in the market for a new pair, you must go down a rabbit hole of decisions. Do you want them to be tight or loose in the thighs? What about the butt? And what about the leg opening: Are you more of a wide-leg or skinny-jeans kind of person? Then you need to consider the wash: Are you into dark, light, or stonewashed?

“In the past, customers have largely bought products in store, where they have the guidance of a sales expert who can walk them through the process,” says Marc Rosen, EVP of global e-commerce. “But we’ve been investing in making the online experience as seamless as shopping in a store. It’s harder than you might think.”

The Levi’s Virtual Stylist

Today, Levi’s unveils a new tool called Virtual Stylist that walks the customer through the buying experience. Zack Chang, the brand’s product manager for global e-commerce, says many brands have created bots that go through the various categories as they are laid out on the website, but that doesn’t really help the customer identify what they are looking for.

Levi’s new bot, which is available on the brand’s website and on Facebook Messenger, asks questions about how you like your jeans to fit, then provides options that are an exact match. On Facebook, it is also possible to select several pairs of jeans, then ask your friends to weigh in on which one you should buy. “Shopping is a social experience,” Chang says. “Our customers are already asking their friends and family for feedback about whether they should buy a product. We just wanted to make that experience easier for them.”ES