Here’s the latest updates on tropical storm Harvey

• Harvey was originally a category 4 hurricane when it made landfall in Texas, but it quickly lost power and was downgraded to a tropical storm, the Guardian reports.

• Currently, 13 million people are under flood watches and warnings. These include cities ranging from Corpus Christi, Texas, to New Orleans, reports CNN.

• At least five people have died during the storm, reports the Weather Channel.

• Images of the flooding show the storm’s virtually unprecedented scale and destruction:

• In just two days, Houston received 25 inches of rain–that’s more than half the city’s annual rainfall. The U.S. National Weather Service said the “unprecedented rainfall” is producing “life-threatening flooding in S.E. Texas.”

• Tropical storm Harvey will return to the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday, where it is expected to collect more moisture before heading back inland to Galveston, Houston, Huntsville, and Shreveport.

• FEMA director Brock Long has said, “This disaster’s going to be a landmark event” and predicted that the agency’s involvement in the aftermath of Harvey will stretch for years.


• 3,000 national and state guard members have been activated in Texas.

• Human life isn’t the only life at risk:

• President Donald Trump will travel to Texas on Tuesday to view the damage.