Getting retweeted by POTUS may cost you money (depending on your Twitter history)

Getting retweeted by POTUS may cost you money (depending on your Twitter history)
[Photo Illustration: Joel Arbaje for Fast Company]

Please join me for a very short play in four acts.

ACT I: Deliverance

This morning, the president retweeted a self-described “YouTube Actor and Political Junkie” named Jerry Travone, who had shared a tweet likening Trump succeeding Obama to the solar eclipse. For the proud Trump supporter, this had to be a unique thrill.

ACT II: Discovery

It didn’t take long, however, for journalists to uncover some unsavory tweets from Mr. Travone’s recent past. Say it isn’t so, Jerry!

ACT III: Disturbance

As Mr. Travone’s follower count continued to increase, and he scrambled to delete his offending tweet, something mysterious happened to his online T-shirt store.

ACT IV: Denouement 

Travone’s only problem is that screenshots are almost terrifyingly easy to disseminate and the internet rarely misses a chance for a public shaming.

The lesson is that if you’re going to tweet a dank meme at the president, be prepared for him to retweet it and expose your account’s history to the rest of the world. Trump may be able to dodge consequences for anything he says–so far, at least–but there’s no guarantee you can.

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