This is how Travis Kalanick is plotting his comeback as Uber CEO

A number of reports say the company’s former CEO is not only having problems letting go of the company he founded and was forced to resign from, but that he is ‘Steve Jobs-ing’ his way back into his old spot, per Recode:

Since he left, Kalanick has told numerous people, including at least one job candidate, that he was “Steve Jobs-ing it,” an apparent reference to the purge and later return of the legendary Apple founder at the company.

So how might Kalanick regain power? The New York Times notes that Kalanick could use a potential billions of dollars investment in Uber from Japanese telco SoftBank that would put him in the CEO spot again:

Some company executives are concerned that Mr. Kalanick could use a SoftBank investment to dilute other shareholders’ stakes while he continues to buy stock back from employees in a bid to amass power. And aligning with Masayoshi Son, the founder and chief executive of SoftBank, could provide Mr. Kalanick with a key ally, especially if Mr. Son seeks to appoint new board members who favor Mr. Kalanick’s return as chief executive as part of an investment.

Yet since SoftBank’s investment is in no way certain, and Uber is still actively searching for a CEO, it’s unlikely, despite his plotting, that Kalanick will be in the top spot again anytime soon.