9 Newsletters To Make You Smarter

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9 Newsletters To Make You Smarter
[Illustration: Peter Oumanski]

1. Redef, The melding Of Media, Tech, And Pop Culture

Jason Hirschhorn, a former Viacom and Slingbox executive, is your smart friend who shares must-see articles, videos, and podcasts that illuminate the changes transforming fashion, media, music, sports, and tech.


Bonus features: A website features a live feed of new posts if you can’t wait for the email; rants!

2. NextDraft, The 10 Biggest News Stories Of The Day

Dave Pell, the self-proclaimed managing editor of the internet, works as an investor but is a newshound at heart. He delivers the gist of what you missed while working, along with a wry take.

Bonus features: Punny headlines (e.g., “Gene Hack, Man”); occasional longer perspectives on newsmakers, notably President Trump.

3. Data Is Plural, Fun With Figures

BuzzFeed News’s data editor rounds up several interesting and timely new data sets each Wednesday, such as NASA’s 5,000-year cache of solar-eclipse info and the subject and location of the tattoos of Florida’s prisoners.

Bonus features: Links to raw files wherever possible so data scientists can go crazy.


4. No Mercy/No Malice, The Digital Economy In The Shadow Of Big Tech

Branding in the age of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google isn’t easy, but Scott Galloway, an NYU business school marketing professor and consultant, shares unvarnished opinions about how companies can succeed around them.

Bonus features: Clever weekly Winners & Losers video; daily insights from Galloway’s team.

5. The Ankler, Disrupting Hollywood

Veteran journalist Richard Rushfield analyzes entertainment news with insider dispatches, big-picture context, and astringent wit for subscribers who pay $45 a year.

Bonus features: Critiques of Hollywood machers not used to criticism; pro-labor coverage of union contract negotiations.

6. Exponential View, Tech’s Impact On The Future Of Society

Every Sunday, Azeem Azhar, a serial entrepreneur, collates stories and adds perspective on heady issues such as how to regulate data monopolies and the full implications of electric cars.


Bonus features: Emoji punctuate each shared story; Azhar podcasts deep conversations on such topics as hacking democracy.

7. A Woman To Know, Pioneer Women

Julia Carpenter, a staff writer at CNNMoney, pens a short but potent daily paean to a notable woman in history whose story resonates today; recent profiles include transgender hero Octavia St. Laurent and the first Native American to earn a medical degree.

Bonus features: Well-researched links to books and articles about her subjects.

8. Chefs+Tech, Digital’s Influence On Dining

What changes when fine restaurants are competing with pizza joints for delivery dollars? What’s the latest way foodies are leveraging Instagram? This twice-weekly newsletter digs into compelling questions in food-business innovation.

Bonus features: Daily quick takes on food news at travel-business site


9. Offscreen Dispatch, A Design-Centric Guide To A Better Life

Australian user-interface designer Kai Brach suggests useful apps—such as Orai, which analyzes speech to improve your public speaking—and essays to bring thoughtfulness to your Tuesdays.

Bonus features: Offscreen, the print journal, explores the human side of tech, featuring chats with folks like Airbnb cofounder Joe Gebbia.