Snap is going to produce scripted content, because why the hell not?

Some might call it a pivot to scripted video.

At an event in Edinburgh, Snap’s chief content officer, Nick Bell, said the company had plans to run scripted content by year’s end, according to The Hollywood Reporter. These programs, he said, would be “complementary” to TV shows–whatever that means.

The idea, it seems, would be for programs to make extra content that would run only on Snap as a way to increase engagement. “Mobile is not a TV killer,” he said. He added that this endeavor is different from Facebook’s original content play because Snapchat is mobile only.

We’ll have to wait and see what kind of scripted videos Snap produces. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bell already has a few ideas in mind. As Snap continues to try and prove itself–and as its stock continues to slump–it’s projects like these that will dictate whether or not the company will ever make a profit.CGW