Since Americans Don’t Take Enough Vacation, JetBlue Made Office Souvenirs

What: JetBlue created a collection of office souvenirs to cheekily remind us all to take more time off.

Who: JetBlue, MullenLowe

Why we care: Americans don’t take enough vacation. More than half (54%) of U.S. workers are leaving paid time off on the table. Not only is it costing the country an overall economic impact of up to $236 billion, it also makes for terrible souvenirs.

JetBlue decided to prove the latter to us with a new collection of completely underwhelming office souvenirs to illustrate the difference between using your paid time off and not. Why get a fun mug to mark your fun trip to Miami when you could have one that says, “Remember that thing I said in that meeting?”

We all know what Michael Scott would think of this.JB