The next thing Amazon is taking over: Your child’s writing tutor

It’s true: Jeff Bezos wants to literally dominate every industry. Yesterday it was supermarkets. Today it’s education. Tomorrow? Who knows!

Amazon just announced a new part of its Amazon Education program aimed at providing students and teachers with learning resources. The company has been dabbling in the space with a math teaching resource known as TenMarks. Today TenMarks is expanding to writing with a platform that helps teachers dole out writing assignments, as well as analyze the work submitted using natural language processing.

TenMarks Writing helps educators build assignments around numerous topics. It also gives the students tools and activities to help them learn how to write cohesive essays. Lastly, it offers automated feedback about the students’ writing. This feedback is analyzed with Amazon’s proprietary language software and then given to teachers to approve (they can then send it to students as if it were written by them).

For the last year Amazon has been beta testing it with educators around the country. After receiving feedback and tinkering with the platform, the company decided to open it up to everyone. Now TenMarks is available for students grades 4–6, at a prices of $4-per-student-per-year. Soon it will go all the way up to 8th grade.

With primary education currently checked off, I hope Amazon will soon expand to fun electives like ceramics.CGW