Could Danny Glover be the lethal weapon Airbnb needs to make its platform more equitable?

This morning, Airbnb announced that actor Danny Glover will now be advising the company on how to attract more hosts of color. Specifically, Glover says he’ll be helping to promote information sessions on how to be a host.

“Working with partners like the NAACP, we will host information sessions and run online and offline campaigns aimed at engaging the people who can benefit from home sharing the most. As an advisor, I will be on the ground doing whatever I can to promote these efforts—participating in trainings and events, working with local organizations and faith-based leaders, and getting to know more of the hosts who empower our communities.”

The tie-up with Glover follows a commitment Airbnb made in March to double the number of hosts in areas dominated by minorities. Last month, the company announced a collaboration with the NAACP to design classes aimed at informing people of color about the economic benefits of hosting.

Airbnb has previously been criticized for discrimination on its platform. Canceled bookings based on race have led to the hashtag #Airbnbwhileblack, as well as the emergence of competitor platforms designed specifically for people of color. The service has also come under fire for having mostly white hosts in areas dominated by people of color. The company has since tried to make its platform more equitable and free of bigotry.RR