Ken Block Takes Gymkhana On A Wild Off-Road Ride For Pennzoil

What: Ken Block takes his Gymkhana concept off-roading for a new branded content video with Pennzoil.

Who: Pennzoil, Hoonigan

Why we care: It’s been almost a decade since Block first unleashed Gymkhana into the world, and he’s been finding ways to get people to sit up and say WTF about his driving ever since. Last year I spent some time on the set of Gymkhana Nine, talking to Block and director Brian Scotto about how they approach each project, as well as their goals for branching their Hoonigan brand out to work more with brand partners.

Here with Pennzoil, they’re doing just that. Once again, it’s Block behind the wheel and Scotto behind the lens. And of course, in many ways it’s similar to every other Gymkhana video–drifts, jumps, copious amounts of tire-spinning donuts–but the dusty confines of Swing Arm City, Utah, should provide enough difference to keep fans interested. The sequence starting at 3:05 mark is worth it alone.JB