After the eclipse, Netflix concedes defeat against the moon

Yesterday, people around the country stepped outside to watch the moon temporarily blot out the sun in an ode to the greatest Mitsubishi model ever. The rare solar eclipse was practically a national holiday, celebrated from coast to coast by people from all walks of life. Everyone loved it, even brands.

Well, maybe not Netflix. Turns out that when everyone rushes outside to stare at the sun in three-minute allotments (as recommended by eclipse glasses manufacturers) and then lingers in the great outdoors soaking up the wonder of it all, that means there are fewer people left inside to watch Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtNetflix felt the sting of the celestial event, when its streaming dropped 10%. Naturally, the company took to Twitter to shake its fist at the skies:

Still, Netflix probably ended up on better terms with the eclipse than, say, Hostess, which was burned so badly by Moon Pie that it may still be applying aloe vera when the next solar eclipse rolls around in 2024.