Thinx appoints a Fab alum as its new CEO

Four months after former Thinx CEO Miki Agrawal left amid a firestorm of allegations about her management style and HR policies, the period underwear company has finally landed a new CEO. Maria Molland Selby will join Thinx on Monday.

Selby has previously held leadership roles at e-commerce startup Fab, which weathered a fair share of negative press back in its heyday, as well as Yahoo, Reuters, and Dow Jones. “This is a team that has gone through a lot, with the shadow of leadership changes and obviously the PR associated with that,” Selby told Bloomberg. “I’m happy to see we were able to move forward relatively quickly.”

Since Agrawal’s departure, Thinx has increased salaries, tweaked its parental leave policy—increasing it to 12 weeks for employees who have been there for at least a year—and made healthcare free for most employees. Thinx also created an employee handbook outlining how to air workplace grievances. 

Through my reporting on Thinx, I’ve learned the company has struggled to find someone willing to tackle the role of HR head, which might explain why Selby vaguely told Bloomberg that Thinx will hire someone “in the next couple of months.” PM