Once upon a time, the iPod Nano was AMAZING

Apple has confirmed that it has discontinued the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle, leaving the iPod Touch as the last remaining variant of the music player that changed the company forever. I don’t even have to insert a decision here on why it’s killing them off—it’s just too darn obvious.

But thinking about the iPod Nano dying brought back pleasant memories of the device’s launch in 2005. It’s hard to overstate just how impressive an engineering feat the sliver-like little gadget seemed at the time, or the degree to which it carried an irresistible OMG I want that vibe that few Apple products before or since have matched. And it was also a bold marketing move to release an all-new small iPod with a new name given that the device it replaced—the hard drive-based iPod Mini—had been such a hit.

Here’s Steve Jobs unveiling the Nano at Apple’s September 2005 event, which also served to introduce a famously bad product–Motorla’s ROKR “iPod phone.”