Death From Above, Brand New, A$AP Mob, And More: This Week In Music

These are the songs we recommend for your Productivity Playlist, volume 10.

Death From Above, Brand New, A$AP Mob, And More: This Week In Music
Death From Above warns us to “Never Swim Alone” [Director: Sebastien Grainger]

The past two weeks of music releases have been overwhelming. There seems to be no structure anymore, and everyone is just doing drops eclipsing each other. Lets begin . . .


Track 1. Death From Above–“Never Swim Alone”

The noise rock duo Death From Above have announced a new album Outrage! Is Now, which comes out September 8, 2017. The official first single is “Never Swim Alone,” although the standalone track, “Freeze Me,” that dropped randomly back in June will be included on the album. This is a band known for blending the sounds of pop melodies and noisy-hardcore distortions to make mixed-media for the ears.

Track 2. Brand New–“451”

One of the biggest and best surprises was the release tactic of Brand New’s just-announced comeback album, Science Fiction. One of the best tracks is “451.”

Track 3. Vindata, NSTASIA, and Skrillex–“Favor”

Skrillex, the creator of the most aggressive dubstep sounds, has been going for a more mellow EDM sound recently. His latest collab with Vindata and vocalist NSTASIA is another step in his evolution. Tune in and chill out with this track.

Track 4. A$AP Mob–“Feels So Good”

A$AP Mob has released a follow-up to the 2016 masterpiece Cozy Tapes vol. 1 (Friends). Just like Vol. 1 where all the songs are secret earworms, this new track may stay with you for some time.

Track 5. Kesha, and the Eagles of Death Metal–“Let Em’ Talk”

Kesha’s entire new album, Rainbow, is a classic and a recommended listen. This track, though, blends the worlds of pop music and the rawer sound of The Eagles of Death Metal, making an awesome and fun power anthem.

Track 6. Shigeto–“Detroit Part II”

Shigeto performs as a single musician, sits on stage surrounded by a drum set, keyboards, and an x-amount of electronic pedal rigs. He is locked into this space he has crafted around himself for the entirety of his set time, just multitasking and impressing anyone watching with a finely tuned blend of hip-hop and EDM. This latest release throws some jazz into the mix.


Track 7. The Fever 333–“We’re Coming In”

The fever is a-rising. This band is currently set up as a three-piece fronted by Jason Aalon Butler, guitarist Stephen Harrison, and back-flip acrobat/drummer Aric Improta. Their debut was a performance/art display in the parking lot of the infamous Randy Donut’s Shop in Los Angeles. Fans of Glassjaw, Stray from the Path, Letlive, and the Chariot will love it.

Track 8. Moses Sumney–“Quarrel”

This next track is placed after an aggressive song to give the ears a break. Moses Sumney’s latest release, “Quarrel,” provides a lot on a single track. It is an easy R&B track that turns into a smooth medley of space atmosphere and a jazz instrumental. Sumney’s vocal range alone is required listening.

Track 9. Queens Of The Stone Age–“The Evil Has Landed”

“The Evil Has Landed” . . . has landed as the second single off the upcoming Queens of the Stone Age LP Villains.

Track 10. Leikeli47–“2nd fiddle”

I have mentioned Leikeli47 before, and I am 100% sure she will be coming up again and again. No word or confirmation is available to identify the features on this record, but the harmony and sounds are reminiscent of Anderson.Paak, and the music video confirms it is NOT him. If you know who the features are, hit me up on Twitter, @dissatk.

Bonus Thing. Taylor Swift–Reputation

Taylor Swift . . . where do we begin with this latest release announcement? As previously mentioned, the eclipse had an effect on people and even their marketing schemes. Sometime last week, the singer swiftly removed all her past-lives statements and dealings from all of her social media. She then timed her first new social media post to be released on the day of the 2017 eclipse. A good move would have been to do the drop during the eclipse, but instead we got an announcement and album title release. Swift’s sixth album release will bare the name Reputation in a gothic font. The packaging and the word styling and repetition give a very Nas and Kanye feel. The new track is out now, have a listen to it.

The Productivity Playlist is below, make sure you are following it on Spotify so you can take it with you. Happy listening.



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