Fox News shared a video of cars hitting protesters in January, advised viewers to “study the technique”

Fox News executives have some questions to answer about a video posted to the Fox Nation section of its website in January. The headline reads “Here’s A Reel Of Cars Plowing Through Protesters Trying To Block The Road [VIDEO],” and beneath it, a caption tastelessly asks readers to “Study the technique; it may prove useful in the next four years.” Prominent Twitter users such as Jessica Valenti, Parker Molloy, and Matt Binder have been sharing screenshots and archival links to the post for the past hour. The post seems to have originally come from the far right-leaning website Daily Caller. It has since been removed from Fox Nation. Placing this macabre caption on such a video would have been in poor form at any time; in the aftermath of Charlottesville, however, it calls into question the values of both news organizations.

UPDATE 8:42pm EST: In an emailed response to our request for comment, Fox News Digital’s Editor-in-Chief Noah Kotch said: “The item was inappropriate and we’ve taken it down. We regret posting it in January.”