Totally random coincidence of the day: The Boy Scouts’ president is also AT&T’s CEO

Earlier this week, President Trump gave a speech at the Boy Scouts of America’s annual jamboree, where he talked politics and got the young scouts in attendance to boo his foes, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. 

Since then, the Boy Scouts have been under fire for not denouncing Trump’s speech. The organization offered a bland statement that it is “non-partisan and does not promote any one position, product, service, political candidate or philosophy.”

Why, you may ask yourself, did the Scouts not take a harder stance? Well it also turns out that the organization’s current president is Randall Stephenson, the chairman and CEO of AT&T. Quartz points out that AT&T is trying to buddy up with Trump as its proposed $85 billion merger with Time Warner is currently under review by the DOJ.

So it’s surely just a coincidence that the head of a company trying to remain in the president’s good graces doesn’t have his other organization speak out against him. You can read the full Quartz piece hereCGW