Roombas, busy mapping out your home, are killing it on the stock market

In what may be described as an unexpected Cinderella story, iRobot—makers of the Roomba robot vacuum—had a surprisingly good earnings report yesterday. While analysts expected the company to post a loss on its shares, quite the opposite happened. The company reported a profit of $7.9 million, or 27 cents per share. 

To add to this, the company said it had an outstanding Amazon Prime Day earlier this month, which led it to raise its guidance. iRobot says it sold more than twice the devices this year compared to last year’s Prime Day. 

The stock is now surging, seeing a nearly 20% jump this morning alone.

This comes on the heels of the company alluding to plans to sell the data it compiles from sucking dirt up on its owners’ floors. iRobot told Reuters about a new business plan in place that would sell the spatial data the Roombas collect (after the device’s owner signs off on its terms of service—which are known to be jargon-laden). 

Roombas are selling like hot cakes and they’re recording our apartments’ layouts! Sounds like a Wall Street win to me!CGW