Google Brain snaps up ex-Apple software guru after brief autopilot role at Tesla

One of Tesla’s top employees is joining Google Brain. Chris Lattner started working at Tesla in January as VP of Tesla’s autopilot software and departed in June. Prior to that, Lattner spent over a decade at Apple, where he helped develop the widely used programming language Swift. During his brief time at Tesla, he helped the company develop a replacement for a platform that had been designed around MobileEye technology.

In June, Lattner noted that Tesla “isn’t a good fit” for him, and that he was exploring other opportunities. According to Bloomberg, a now-deleted update to his resume said, “In the end, Elon and I agreed that he and I did not work well together and that I should leave, so I did.”

At Google Brain, he’ll be working on making the company’s open source machine learning library Tensorflow more accessible, he says. The Alphabet project is focused on deep learning and artificial intelligence, both on the research and product side.

It’s one of many efforts aimed at “democratizing” AI. Last week, former Google Brain head Andrew Ng launched a new online course aimed at bringing AI learning to the masses. And on Friday, Lattner’s former boss—who lately has been warning of the risks around AI— announced that his nonprofit AI project, OpenAI, had designed an algorithm that defeated the best human players in an e-sports competition.