Uber’s Ice Cream Day is leaving everyone des(s)erted again

You would expect Uber’s annual Ice Cream Day to give you brain freeze, but instead it’s freezing people out.

Uber users in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, D.C., Boston, Miami, Toronto, Seattle, Atlanta, and Dallas can supposedly open their apps today, select UberICECREAM, tap “request,” and sit back and wait for a truck to deliver a free ice cream cone. But that’s only if they can even get that far. Twitter is filled with horror stories of people hoping to sweeten the possible last day on Earth (too dark?) with a free ice cream but instead finding that the dessert is already unavailable. Get in line, people. We placed an ice cream order with Uber back in 2012—and we still haven’t received it. WHERE’S THE ICE CREAM WE ORDERED, UBER?

Update: An Uber spokesperson sent the following statement.

“Demand for Uber Ice Cream is always high, and this year it was once again popular with our riders. Thousands of riders across the U.S. and Canada have been matched with a sweet treat today. For those still craving more, we hope you will head over to UberEATS and give us a try there. We’ll continue to bring more surprises to our riders throughout the year.”