Hollywood’s bad summer movies are driving a decline in movie ticket sales

While some people may point at The Emoji Movie as the root of all that is wrong with Hollywood, The Wall Street Journal reports that the problem goes much deeper than a single misfire featuring Patrick Stewart as a poop emoji.

WSJ reports that movie attendance has dropped by 5%, compared with the same period in 2016, and revenues are down, too, dipping just 2.9%, thanks to higher ticket prices making up for the lack of ticket sales. On Aug. 2, AMC shares dropped 27% in one day, the WSJ reports.

While films like Beauty and the Beast, Wonder Woman, and Get Out fared well at the box office, they were the anomalies in a year full of box office disappointments. Instead of giving moviegoers more badass female leads and genre-bending horror films, Hollywood keeps throwing gobs of money at an unwanted fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean, more Transformers movies, and putting $175 million into King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and then clutching their pearls in shock that no one wanted to see them. But rather than cranking up Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” and doing a little introspection, they are probably just going to blame Netflix and HBO, completely ignoring the fact that Netflix’s Okja and HBO’s The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks were a hell of a lot better than The Mummy. 

The one thing that consumers and movie theaters alike are looking forward to is Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which is hitting theaters in December. The CEO of AMC theaters called the film “a gift from heaven.” Read the WSJ’s full analysis here while thinking about how many people had to think that Emoji Movie was a great idea for it to get made.ML