Will Smith uses “Carpool Karaoke” to shill his new not-bottled water

While Carpool Karaoke is ostensibly about James Corden living out his fantasy of singing with his childhood icons and favorite singers, Will Smith used his ride in the passenger seat as an infomercial for Just Water. That’s his new paper-based bottled water, which will supposedly “completely disappear” after its served its purpose like the Easter Bunny.

The idea came about when his son, Jaden Smith, took up surfing and noticed a bunch of plastic bottles floating around the sea. When he complained to his dad about the pollution, the water company was born. “The concept for the company came from a child who wanted to protect the ocean,” explained Smith. The “child” also wants to protect his trademarks. He recently filed suit against Hampton Creek for using the phrase “just. mayo” on its vegan mayonnaise, according to Bloomberg, which Smith claims violates a trademark agreement.

While water seems like a weird sideline for a movie star, don’t forget that George Clooney is a billionaire not because of his acting, but because of his tequila.

If you want to watch Corden get jiggy with Smith, watch the rest of their Carpool Karaoke outing here: