Marvel’s “Guardians Inferno,” Ikea’s ASMR: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Gatorade’s Usain Bolt history lesson, Adidas Originals keeps looking to the future, and Secret Escapes shouldn’t even be here.

Marvel’s “Guardians Inferno,” Ikea’s ASMR: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Not only has Marvel Entertainment become such a juggernaut of the multi-character, universal approach to blockbuster superhero movie storytelling, it’s also used its marketing prowess in the wizard arts of teasers and trailers to get fans hyped years in advance of future projects. But this week it unleashed something completely different–a batsh*t crazy music video of intergalactic disco proportions to promote the DVD release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Which, as weird as it may sound, makes absolute perfect sense. Onward!


Marvel Entertainment “Guardians Inferno”

What: A video for The Sneepers’ featuring David Hasselhoff, “Guardians Inferno,” to promote Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to DVD and digital download.

Who: Marvel Entertainment, James Gunn, director David Yarovesky

Why we care: This video is like how you imagined drugs would be like as a kid–and, in some ways, it’s not far off. Considering the video features most of the blockbuster’s stars bedecked in disco incognito, and The Hoff, it’s no surprise it got more than 3 million views on YouTube and Facebook in less than 24 hours. And according to the film’s director James Gunn–who makes an appearance–it was all shot on restored 1970s tube cameras.

Gatorade “History is history”

What: A new Gatorade ad celebrating the amazing career and personality of Usain Bolt.

Who: Gatorade, TBWA\Chiat Day


Why we care: As we all know, Gatorade is no slouch when it comes to career retrospectives, and this one’s no exception. This time it was to mark Bolt’s final 100m race ever at the 2017 IAAF World Championships in London. Nothing new or fancy, just the type of stylish, fun, and inspirational fare you’d expect from a major sports brand on such an occasion.

Ikea “Oddly Ikea”

What: A new back-to-school ad for Ikea that also happens to be a 25-minute ASMR video.

Who: Ikea, Ogilvy & Mather New York

Why we care: Advertising is all about making a connection with consumers, so why not do it by giving them some low-grade euphoria, care of some insanely popular ASMR? Here the brand effectively jumps on the ASMR bandwagon and serves students up a relaxing video that just also happen to extol the virtues of its Swedish furnishings. As they’d say in Sweden, that’s lugnande.

Adidas Originals “Original is never finished 3”

What: Newest ad in Adidas Originals’ award-winning “Original is never finished” campaign.


Who: Adidas Originals, Johannes Leonardo

Why we care: Darkened ice baths, Matrix-like oxygen chambers, weed-chuffing go-kart rides . . . What’s not to like? It’s like Xanadu for the streetwear crowd. The campaign’s launch spot won the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Music in June, and the brand’s Q2 2017 earnings report boasted sales up 28% in North America. If it ain’t broke, and all that.

Secret Escapes “Incarcerated”

What: A discount vacation ad that tells two vastly (and hilariously) different stories.

Who: Secret Escapes, Droga5 London

Why we care: Considering I just wrote a piece headlined, “What Happened To All the Funny Ads?” this seems particularly apt. If you read the article, one of the reasons given for the ad comedy’s decline in cultural relevance is the emergence of longer ads, online films, and such that have given brands to tell stories beyond a quick joke. But here we get a looong joke, and man oh man, it’s worth it. It’s a classic kind of ad funny, incredibly well done.

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